A Random Collection of Things

Part of the reason I wanted to start this blog is because I wanted a place to discuss and ponder my newly-emerging attitude towards life i.e. the decluttering thereof, physically, mentally and emotionally. There are many things that have been flittering around in my head the last week or so, and I need to note them all before I forget, and come back and blog in more detail about them later. Maybe I’ll make this a monthly feature, and blogging to-do, if you will. Who knows. Whatever works, which is another new motto of mine O:) 🙂

But anyway, stuff to consider:

* First trip to the farmers markets tomorrow morning

* The amount of money we currently spend on food

* My first declutter experience on FB (ohmigosh, AWESOME)

* Meal planning, food waste, batch cooking and freezing

* Consuming less refined sugar, because 9/10 whenever I do it makes me feel like crap. Relatedly, trying to figure out how to legitimately replace it in baking, because I really, really, really like baking…

* Baking bread

* Organising the daily dumpables (handbag etc)


* Poison furniture

* Plastic

* What is saving me

* One declutter thing each week

* The little things matter


One thought on “A Random Collection of Things

  1. For baking, I use rapadura (unrefined sugar) which we used to buy from the ANU food coop. They also sell it at the health fool place just outside the Belconnen food markets.
    My sister in law uses Agave insetad of sugar 🙂

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