Sidetrack: Do We Really NEED To Eat Faster??

**Random sidetrack while I am writing today’s real post** (for which I am WELL KNOWN in the classroom, especially ask my year 8 extension class this year :D)

Harry Potter 4 is on in the background and the ads just came on. KFC have a new product out, I can’t find the name of it, the internet does not seem to know, but it’s something on a stick, and the tagline is “Live Life on the Run” (oh look, Snax, here’s the ad). Is it just me, or does this strike you as a Really Bad Idea? I mean, superficially, sure – look! food is quicker and more portable! #FTW!

But REALLY? SERIOUSLY? Because, you know, we really NEED to rush through our meals even more than we already do, we NEED yet another excuse to be busy-busy-busy, we NEED another enabler in the clutter-making of our lives. Urgh. Just, urgh.


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