What To Do When You’re Feeding An Army…

…at home, and you lack the flatware for everyone to eat off. Seriously, guys: this is an AWESOME IDEA. If we hadn’t just had a massive dinnerware set donated to us, I’d totes be doing this next time I needed to feed a bunch of people šŸ˜€

(seriously, read the link – it’s cheaper than disposable plates and so insanely clever it almost feels like you’re doing something illegal…)



5 thoughts on “What To Do When You’re Feeding An Army…

  1. This post just inspired what might be a semi-crazy idea.
    I’m thinking about starting this thing over the summer that I’m going to call ‘Cooking on Cowper.’

    I see cooking and eating together as being one of the cornerstones of community, and it’s one that I’ve been missing recently. People are more connected now than they’ve ever been but also more isolated. I think that the meaningful relationships that come from spending time face to face with other people and just being is missing.

    So, I had this idea. One that I hope will create some sense of community. It starts online, using Facebook. An event that invites people to my house on any Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday of the summer to cook and eat together. Someone posts on the event wall that they want to come over on a particular day and we ask if anyone else wants to come too. If people want to bring an ingredient then they’re more than welcome to. We’d cook a good, wholesome meal together and then eat it together. I’ll try to have a near constant supply of fresh bread and the like as well. We make the food from scratch, with as few processed ingredients as possible and then just chat.

    Curious about if you think something like that would even work?

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