Once again, it’s been nearly a month since I last posted. *sigh*. So much for the new year’s resolution about more timely blogging 😛 Anyway, the last few weeks have been very nearly literally insane, what with school starting back (meaning full time work for me) and the kid starting daycare (3 days a week) and year 11 camp this week and the kid’s first birthday party and everyone in the entire extended family (well nearly, plus a significant proportion of the neighbours) getting ridiculously and horribly (and contagiously) sick.

So you know. Not really much that’s blog-worthy.

I do, as ever, have a bunch of half-finished posts in the works, and will endeavour to finish those up and post at some point in the hopefully-near future. In the meantime, a small squee over the fact that the new outline for Jesscapades/Eskapades has Official Twin Approval – so, going to try to make myself work on that regularly. Ish.

Also, I’m writing an SFR novella about Jinna and a turtle ship. It’s a living, thinking, gloriously wonderful spaceship, and it really does make me go squee. Happy days.

Anyway. It’s 11pm, and even though I only just finished dinner 10 mins ago, I really do need to go to bed.

Blogging: it shall be happening! #Rawr.


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