So Much Shiny!

A less self-indulgent post, in which I essentially just run around squeeing about all the Mad Science I’ve found this week.

Bug protects itself by turning its environment to gold.

Mass meditation prevents violent crime.

The Four Georges: Born To Rule (okay, so that one’s history)

Brain Frequencies

The Art of Eating Insects (an emminently sustainable source of animal protein!)

Shark embryos can freeze (in their eggs!) to avoid predators.

And last but not least:

First detailed sex video of deep-sea squid. As if you’re not going to click the link just for the title of that one. Heh.



Once again, it’s been nearly a month since I last posted. *sigh*. So much for the new year’s resolution about more timely blogging 😛 Anyway, the last few weeks have been very nearly literally insane, what with school starting back (meaning full time work for me) and the kid starting daycare (3 days a week) and year 11 camp this week and the kid’s first birthday party and everyone in the entire extended family (well nearly, plus a significant proportion of the neighbours) getting ridiculously and horribly (and contagiously) sick.

So you know. Not really much that’s blog-worthy.

I do, as ever, have a bunch of half-finished posts in the works, and will endeavour to finish those up and post at some point in the hopefully-near future. In the meantime, a small squee over the fact that the new outline for Jesscapades/Eskapades has Official Twin Approval – so, going to try to make myself work on that regularly. Ish.

Also, I’m writing an SFR novella about Jinna and a turtle ship. It’s a living, thinking, gloriously wonderful spaceship, and it really does make me go squee. Happy days.

Anyway. It’s 11pm, and even though I only just finished dinner 10 mins ago, I really do need to go to bed.

Blogging: it shall be happening! #Rawr.


And by ‘it’, I obviously mean ‘me’. Just checking in to say that despite the fact I’ve thought of a couple of posts over the last nearly-three weeks, I haven’t been able to connect them with a computer to get them posted. Don’t even remember what they were, now. Eh. But the last three weeks have been an epic flurry of getting two weeks’ worth of lessons prepared, written out, and resourced (for the duration of my sick leave), doing all the things I needed done before the end of term which was two weeks earlier than it should have been, cooking for an impending wedding, and then, of course, the surgery itself.

Let me tell you, tonsillectomies? VERY. NOT. FUN. Though tbh I don’t have a horror story (YET) like some peoples on the netz do. Ohmigosh, the terror. No, mostly I have just been literally zonked for the last five days, sleeping about 20 hours out of every 24 – which, I confess, has actually been awesome O:) I do love my sleep. Of course, this has only been possible because I have THE BEST HUSBAND EVER, who has taken (unpaid) time off work to be mum, dad, housecleaner, cook, nurse, etc etc etc – beacuse the 7-mth old still wants attention, and food, and nappy changes. Bizarre child.

I am rambling. What was I saying? Did I even actually have a point here? …




I think someone stole it. (Also, when you read that sentence and start having visions of someone trying to wear a point as a stole – is it even spelled like that? – you know the meds are kicking in and it’s time for a nap. Again.)

ANYWAY. Despite appearances, I think that I am a little better today than I was yesterday, although I still had to resort to the Painkillers Of Doom (which I didn’t on day 3, oddly enough), so hopefully the worst is over. That would be nice.

I was going to tell you about the awesome cooking I did for the wedding, but I think I’ll save that until after the actual wedding, which is this coming Sunday, and then there will be pretty pictures and everything, and maybe, y’know, actual coherency. I hear it’s recommended.

…And now, I’d conclude the post properly, but let’s face it: I don’t think there’s anything I can say here that will make this post magically cogent. And if segues are for the weak, then conclusions are for the lost. ❤

Octopuses Achieve Consciousness

This makes me irrationally happy. Octopuses and I have a very love-terror relationship: the freak the heck out of me, but I also adore them.


In other news, I think I have begun to clarify my relationship with writing. Happy days. Also, the bread-shoggoth is beginning to make bubbles; hopefully we shall have an active culture soon and can start experimenting with this whole bread-making idea. Rah. Also-also, I totally survived the English teacher Professional Development workship that I was asked to run last night, and it went swimmingly. They have encouragd me to volunteer to run it again next year. Also-also-also and also finally, I must now run away to do Sekrit Project things for tomorrow’s hens night (for my high school bestie, not me). Pictures forthcoming. Woo-rah.